Shameless self promotion, how much is too much?

I have often wondered where the line is drawn when it comes to self promotion. How much of it is tolerable and at which point is it no longer promotion and nothing but a desperate plea for attention? I’m venturing into such territory now.

Now granted many of the entries or photographs that I do share on various channels through the internet gets cross posted automatically to another service. For instance this very entry, once completed will be posted to my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr accounts. One would think that by creating a single entry that gets linked to five different services would be sufficient.

My own research has shown that within minutes of my post going live in addition to cross posting to all of these services at that same minute that my work is virtual y only going to be buried behind the millions of posts happening simultaneously. I have a hard enough time trying to find my own posts in my own news feeds, so imagine anyone else looking for it. Blink and you may miss it forever.

So one solution to the problem is to promote your links often except I don’t want to become that annoying guy that only clogs up your news feed with the same stale information multiple times per day. So now here I am faced with a conundrum. When do I promote my work? How many times per day is acceptable?

I don’t know what the etiquette is for such a thing or if there is really any etiquette for it at all. I mean there is no such thing as bad press right even if it is just you talking yourself up to the masses. After all no one is a better salesman of your own material than you!

Of course the tolerance for such a thing varies from person to person. I mean we are already inundated with way too many advertisements as it is in our news feeds and on videos. I have even seen advertisements on advertisements! Because of this have people become preconditioned to seeing the same information over and over again even if it is from someone they know? Does it bother a person to see what amounts to self advertising versus some crappy algorithm that a software engineer has come up with to pair targeted advertisements to your recent searches and comments?

So back to the original question. When it comes to shameless self promotion, how much is too much?


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