Childhood memories – Maryland state fair

The state fair is a Maryland tradition at the end of summer. I have fond memories of it from when I was a kid growing up. The music, the food, the rides, the horse races, farm show and even the walk from the shopping center parking lot across the street! For us kids it was our last gasp of freedom before school started back up. One last chance to have a good time before it was pens, pencils, backpacks and books.

I used to go more than once every summer. Sometimes as many as five or six times. Sometimes it was for the races and other times for the shows. My favorite days to go were the days when they had the unlimited rides pass. For a nominal fee, something of around $13 or $14 you could buy the unlimited ride bracelet and ride all of the rides as much as you wanted for the entire day. The Tilt a Whirl, the swing ride, the Zipper, the haunted boat ride, the fun house, Gravitron and Music Express. For hours and hours I would wander around the fair riding these things over and over again, sometimes two or three times in a row if there was no line.

To this day memories of the swinging pirate ship pop in my head every time I hear Def Leppard, Bon Jovi or Van Halen!

Memories from a simpler time when you only had a bad day if they closed the Round Up!


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