Taking two steps forward and twenty-two steps sideways!

I have been at this digital and social media business for long time now. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, various blogs, and tons of websites for sharing pictures, articles and videos all over the internet. I’ve set up cross posting, links, tracks backs, ping backs and basically weaved a messy web of connected profiles and websites all over the internet!

Now that I am moving forward I have been cleaning up a few of these places. I needed to get rid of the excess profiles on the blogging websites and change the info on important accounts that I am still using. I also needed to clean up or in most cases completely clean out some of the links I was giving for all of my work online. Actually the mess is not nearly as awful as if first seems and getting rid of some of these profiles is the easiest step in most cases. Now the major players that I have listed above all need to be cleaned up and updated for sure and I am making some good progress at this time.

The good news is that despite the apparent haphazardness of it all I managed to actually lay a bit of the groundwork for building my name and my brand along the way. However until I get everything running like the well oiled machine that it needs to be I will still be doing the cleanup in aisle 10!


4 thoughts on “Taking two steps forward and twenty-two steps sideways!

    • Thanks! It’s not really as difficult as it sounds. The hardest part is remembering all of the sites and profiles that I registered. Luckily I have them all archived away in my gmail!

      • I had many before because I was doing paid blog posts in the past. Some blogs had a limit of one post per day or a couple per week, so running a few different blogs gave me the chance to monetize at least one daily.

        Keeping up with all of it was very complex and time consuming. On top of that I had to find ways to increase my SEO numbers to get the higher paid postings.

        Some days I was spending 8 hours a day to make $10 and other days 2 hours to make $50. In the end it was too much time spent for too little money.

        I had a good system and I could have pushed it much further, but I couldn’t take being behind the computer screen all day, especially during the spring and summer months!

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