Past the 100 post barrier.

This is post #101. It has been a while since I crossed the 100 post barrier on any blog. Actually the last time was back in 2007 when I was running 4 different blogs posting regularly and slipping in paid posts every couple of days to make some cash. I don’t do that stuff anymore although if I wanted to I could, but I feel as though posts like that cheapen a personal blog. No offense meant to anyone reading that does this. I understand sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve you got to do in order to earn a little coin. Believe me I have been there!

As far as personal blogs go the stats are OK, not a ton of subscribers, but that was not my intent. Mainly I wanted to share my life with the people who were savvy enough to find it or unlucky enough to have your facebook and twitter feeds bombarded with my posts! I have noticed a few more regular readers and visitors and I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for reading. Hopefully I can keep coming up with good content, and maybe this time push past the 500 post barrier which is actually something that I have never accomplished before.

101 down 399 to go!


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