Just Be.

Sit back, relax and just take it all in. Empty your mind of all the small stuff that has happened today and will come tomorrow. Simply observe the world around you. Hear the breeze blow through the trees. Feel the ground move when a truck drives by. There is so much going on around us yet we barely ever take the time to notice. Think about it, when was the last time you got up to walk and actually felt the connection of your feet through whatever shoes you might be wearing all the way to the ground? That soup, salad or sandwich that you ate for lunch, did you even take a minute to taste it? If you did can you remember the taste past the first bite?

What I am saying is today and every other day take the time to notice these things. It’s OK to stop and smell the roses. Even if it is for just a few minutes of each day. It will help put other things into perspective.

Just be.


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