Sorry coffee, but I think we need a break.

I think we need a little time away from each other. No, it’s not you, it’s me.

Lately I have been feeling a bit tired and run down physically so I have been doing like many of us do and supplementing with an extra cup or two of coffee to get through the day. At some point the extra shot of caffeine in my veins is actually not doing anything to help what so ever. In fact many times after that extra cup of coffee I could lay down and sleep!

Sure there are other factors that go into it such as the amount and quality of your sleep as well as the fuel you are putting into your body. You have heard the phrase, “You are what you eat” many times in life. This is absolutely true. You will get out of you body what you put into it and lately I haven’t been giving my body the best fuel at all. Combine that with a sleep pattern that is all over the place and it’s no wonder coffee doesn’t do anything for me these days.

So my answer to feeling sluggish is to do a reset for my whole body. My reset starts with drinking green tea, a lot of it! 6-8 cups per day for at least 5 days, sometimes more cups and sometimes more days depending on how I feel. I can go on and on about the health benefits of green tea, but I’ll save you the trouble of reading a long drawn out post explaining the science behind it. Instead I will tell you my personal experience with regards to using it myself.

The first day I really don’t notice any changes, even the second day I usually don’t feel any different, but by the 3rd day I actually start feeling less lethargic and more awake. Dark circles under my eyes start going away and the hazy feeling and blurry vision around the edges are usually gone. For me I feel more awake and aware of my surroundings and after the 4th and 5th days of drinking I feel and increase in energy overall. Of course the experience varies for everyone and green tea may have little or no effect on your body.

I would like to note that drinking the tea alone won’t help as much either. You need to eat right. Whole foods are the key here, mostly organic and definitely little or no processed food at all. Also you have to sleep. They body needs sleep to recover and depending upon you sensitivity to caffeine you may not want to be chugging the green tea 2 hours before bed time. I am able to put what I want in my body and sleep no problems, but some people are restless even 4 or 5 hours after drinking caffeine or sugary drinks.

So if you are in need of a reset try adding green tea into your routine. I may just help you get there faster and you may just feel better for doing it!


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