My life is like a choose your own adventure book.

Do you remember those choose your own adventure books that you used to read as a kid? I do and although I didn’t actually own any I read quite a few. I remember borrowing a few from the library and reading them, but I would finish them so fast. I can also recall one vivid memory from my adolescent years standing in the book section of Kmart going through a few of these adventure books. Though I couldn’t finish them in the few minutes I would sneak away in the store I would memorize where I left off and each week I would return and pick up my adventure again. Oddly my life has drawn some parallels to my childhood Kmart adventures!

Four Doors

Before me stands four doors. One of them leads to my life as a contractor, another to my aspiring life as an artist, the third to a career in the food industry and the final door towards a successful business of my own. Behind each door is a different adventure. I have come back to these four doors many times before much the same as I came back to the books in the Kmart so many years ago. I have been through each of these doors and followed each adventure towards multiple endings just as I did during my childhood.

So here I am once again confronted with the decision of which door to open.

Which adventure to choose?

Which adventure to continue…


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