All that work and nothing to show for it.

If there is on thing you ought to know about the contracting business it’s that many people in it are looking for ways to make a buck at the expense of someone else. Customers want the work cheaper, subcontractors want cash in advance for shoddy work and some guys just want to profit off the backs of others.

I just wasted the last couple weeks of my life trying to help someone out on a project. The initial terms of the deal seemed pretty good and as I got near the end suddenly the work which I was told was very good suddenly was not good enough for the guy coming behind me to do the next part of the job. As a result I am losing a big chunk of the arrangement that I had in place. Honestly I feel as though it is the next guy trying to double dip because it is a small low paying job and he is trying to pad his bottom line at my expense.

I realize not everyone in this business is bad, but I am absolutely done with this business. I knew I got out of it for a reason.


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