Stuck in neutral.

The past few weeks I have been up to a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but as of today those things have basically amounted to nothing. I did teach one friend how to tile a shower, and offer another friend some advice on how to live a healthier life. Still I don’t feel as though I’ve lived up to my potential and done all of the things that I could do in that time frame.

I haven’t been feeling overly creative or even very motivated to leave my own apartment and explore some other new things. Part of it was trying to recoup after dislocating my knee and I did need the rest and recovery time. Some of it can also be attributed to the horrible weather we are having this summer. Still I can’t use it as an excuse to be entirely dormant for too long.

I’m not one to force the process because I truly believe that all things will happen in time if you let nature run it’s course. At the same time I have projects for other people that are outstanding and are getting in the way. Now that I am almost 100% physically capable again I need to clear those off my plate and focus on my stuff.

Or perhaps there is something more to all of it than meets the eye. I should listen to what the world around me is telling me to do and trust my instincts. In order to do that I need to be awake more hours of the day (yes I said the day as opposed to the night which I am becoming way too familiar with again!) For whatever reason this night pattern is something that I always slip back into. I can be super creative and get a lot accomplished at night mainly because there are less distractions than during the day. However this time of day does not lend itself well to some of the projects I am trying to undertake.

In any event I need to sort things out and get my energy level back up to where it was about 3 weeks ago. I was running on all cylinders and much more focused right after my vacation. Sure vacations tend to do that to us, but I need to find a way to channel that energy all of the time. The year is half over, time to get a move on!


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