A pause that refreshes.

I took a nice break from the internet for the last four days. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram or Flickr. Sure I still received updates on my phone, but I deleted nearly all of them without even taking so much as a look to see what was written or posted. In any event it is a nice refreshing break actually not knowing what is going on in everyone’s lives at every minute of the day!


6 thoughts on “A pause that refreshes.

  1. I think that it’s very helpful to take a break from the Internet and especially social media sometimes, it helps to reboot yourself and I need to take breaks myself too.

    • I make it a point to get away every weekend from my computer at least, but sometimes a longer break is needed. I have made it weeks before in the past without checking these things. It just goes to show you how much it has become a part of our everyday lives.

      • Very true, it is a part of our daily lives without us even thinking about it. I make it a mission to spend only a few minutes checking things out and I never update my Facebook page pretty much, I’d rather tell people in person.

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