Life is not a popularity contest.

Popularity ContestWith the advent of social media now more than ever people are starving for their 15 minutes of fame. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursquare and blogs have become more about the amount of people you know and share information with than about the actual information being shared.  Sometimes it feels like the world we live in is driven by the amount of friends and followers that we have or the amount of likes we can get for a particular picture or video. I will also admit that I have posted more than my fair share of pointless pointlessness through the years as I have watched social media become part of our daily lives.

Don’t get me wrong social media can be a fantastic tool to reach out to people in your life be it your family, friends or acquaintances. Your dinner tonight might be the only highlight of your day so I completely understand if you feel the need to post a picture of it! Cute pictures of pets also pass the litmus test as do funny internet memes so long as you aren’t posting 15 of them in a row!

I guess what I am really saying is be mindful of what you are posting and sharing. Stop trying to impress the mob and share the important things with the people that matter. You may have 5,000 followers but remember you are only 1 person in a world of over 7,000,000,000. Now take a moment and let that number sink in.


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