A hectic couple of weeks.

I haven’t been so great at managing time and all of my prospective projects for the past couple of weeks, mainly because I dragged myself into something entirely different to help someone else out and it ended up eating too much into my own time (and energy) to complete it. Although it still isn’t 100% complete it is in a phase where I can knock it out in short order once I am back on my feet again (literally!)

I’m working through a knee issue, as I stated in my previous post. I aggravated it Friday night at the park throwing a baseball with a friend of mine. There is an athlete inside of me, but that guy probably shouldn’t jump to catch a ball, land on one foot, turn while jumping off that same foot and fire a fastball 200 feet directly at another guys chest! At least not on this night! That is an athletic move that my body is no longer capable of delivering more than once. As a result I get to spend most of the week icing my knee and popping some pills. I’ll be as good as new soon.

So finally to the real point of this post (took me long enough!) I’ve got a little extra time on my hands now, so I can move forward with the things that I have been putting off (The new wardrobe from IKEA not withstanding, don’t worry wifeypoo, I will put it together as soon as I can! Oh, I also promise to take the trash out tomorrow!) That means getting back into my photo project. It also means getting a jump on the food truck project. It’s festival season around here, so I can get an up close look at the competition and scout out the best spots for the future!

I’m also looking at resurrecting my no budget films project. That is an old project from 2010, one that I was going to pursue, but just never got into making the videos to show people how the project works. More on that another time though.

So for now I’m not only back, but back with a vengeance! Lets get this show on the road!


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