New phone HTC one

HTC oneI got a new cell phone today, the HTC one. This is my first HTC phone. I am coming from a Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate (before S2 – S4.) One thing I have noticed right away is how fast this phone really is. Applications start up almost instantly. The camera seems to be top quality as far as cell phone cameras go, but I will be testing that in the coming days just to see how good the photos from this phone really are. The larger screen looks great and it’s very clear. The phone itself is very thin an light weight. I added an OtterBox case also because I want to protect this bad boy from any major damage. The case make the phone seem a bit large, but the investment in a top quality case was a no brainer. All in all not too bad for just a shade over $200 spent including case and balance to pay off on my old phone!


2 thoughts on “New phone HTC one

  1. one thing i like about this device for sure is how the speakers are in front rather than in the back or on the bottom. With my other phones ive found myself putting my palm over the speakers just to get the sound a bit louder when not using headphones.

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