The future owner of my very own Food Truck?

They are finally lifting the ban on street food here in Montreal and allowing the chance for food trucks and carts back on the streets for the first time in 66 years. For now they are only allowing established restaurants and caterers from the Montreal food scene to enter the fray and they are also limiting the number of spots where you can actually sell to the public. Still it’s a good sign for the rest of us that are interested in getting into the game.

There is still a lot of information to take in and a lot of research to do before even attempting this. Three reasons why I think I could pull it off are my love of food, my sense of adventure and the fact that I am not afraid to fail. I’m also confident that I could put out a good enough product that people will want to come back for more. Honestly in limited research I have done so far I have seen what some of the “established” guys slinging off their food trucks. While there are a few phenomenal trucks in the city already, there are some in prime locations that leave something to be desired. If people aren’t lining up at your restaurant for your food, chances are they won’t line up at your truck for it either.

I’ve come up with three options that I would like to sell.

  1. Taco/Burrito truck. There is an established truck in this town selling phenomenal tacos already direct competition with them is a tough sell, but this is my favorite food to make. Perhaps a slight change of pace to some other Mexican selections, but the menu needs to be small and also smart to appeal to the crowds. The good thing is Taco Bell is horrendous up here, so people wanting fast Mexican food for sure can get it better from a food truck!
  2. Chicken Wings. Name a place in Montreal where you can get a decent chicken wing. You can’t! Buffalo style, barbecue, baked or fried there is no one in town putting out anything with real flavor. It’s mainly because they are using frozen and pre-made product from a food factory somewhere. If it was me it’s fresh chicken and house made sauces. Separating myself from the competition is a piece of cake here, but in Montreal are good wings in demand?
  3. Fried chicken & waffles. Now name me a place in Montreal that makes good fried chicken. You definitely can’t. People up here actually think KFC is pretty good. Honestly you can get better fried chicken at a pizza joint up here, but again that stuff comes pre-prepped and frozen from a food factory. Again this is a no brainer in terms of competition, but is it in demand and will in sell in Montreal?

There are other factors in play as well, such as the limited selling season. No one is going to stand outside in below zero temps in a foot of snow and wait for anything. You have a good solid 5 months of selling time that you could stretch to 8 tops. So you either shut it down for the winter or head south to make some cash. It’s a lot to think about and a large chunk of change to pony up before getting this venture off the ground. Then there are the permits, forms, applications, permits for applying for forms and forms for applying for permits! Ah yes, the joys of government paperwork!

Sounds like an interesting road and one that I might actually venture down. At the very least win or lose it will make for one hell of a story!


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