Anything worth doing is worth overdoing well!

Last week I may have bit off a little bit more than I could chew. So much in fact that is has leaked over into this week. Where to start? First off too much walking! All those pictures from last week, I walked many miles to get them. No car, no taking the metro or bus, just simply putting my feet to pavement and putting in some miles.

Speaking of walking I also walked 18 holes of golf Sunday which was yet another activity that I may have done to excess this weekend. I hit two large buckets of balls Saturday night which gave me a few blisters and really left me sore the next morning. Surprisingly I actually got better as the round went on and payed a decent back nine save for the last hole. By then I was completely hungry from not eating lunch and my body only wanted to be in a horizontal position at that point!

I refereed two hockey games in three nights last week as well. One was the day after walking to downtown to take photos and the second game was just a few hours removed from walking to Olympic Stadium to get more photos. I wore my heart rate monitor for both games as well and between the two I burned over 2400 calories!

This week is just a continuation of last week. I’m in the zone so I may as well keep the momentum going!


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