Hit the ground running!

I’m off and going on what might turn out to be a fairly productive week already. I’ve got some blog posts in the works, more business ideas to consider, another opportunity to make some cash on the side and plus I took some photos of which I have already edited and posted a couple. All of this and it’s only Monday! Despite waking up this morning and totally scrapping my plan A for the day I was actually able to salvage some really good stuff by making up plan B as I went along. Salvaging productivity, there is a new one!

OK I must admit I spent a lot of time indoors this weekend due to some really awful weather so a few of the ideas were already in the works such as getting my Flickr account cleaned up and the new 2013 work posted there. Also one of the two blog posts which happens to be about a future business idea has been marinating in my head for nearly a week now. I will be sure to post that idea soon and it’s a pretty cool one too!

Lets see if I can keep this momentum going through the week!


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