Trying out a new theme

I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the way some of my posts were looking with my previous two themes so I have decided to change yet again. The differences between the first two themes were quite subtle. This one is slightly different. The layout is still minimalist, but with no header image. What I like most about this theme is that my photos aren’t nearly as compressed on my posts and are much clearer. Still not as clear as the full size image, but some improvements for sure. My final debate is over keeping or removing the sidebar completely (if this theme even allows me to do that.) Yes I could fork out some cash to do whatever the heck I wanted with this blog and its themes but I’m on a budget here. A budget of exactly $0 doesn’t exactly go very far! So far I’m happy with the change, but I’m always looking to tweak things to make the overall product look pleasing to the eyes.


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