To Flickr or not to Flickr…

Today I finally wandered on over and checked out the new Flickr. I started using it back in 2007 and continued using it on and off again until two years ago. I always kept my account and never deleted any of the photos. Since I am getting back into photography again and now that Flickr is allowing a full terabyte of space I wonder if it is worth going back. All exposure is welcome for sure and a chance to share my photos is exactly what I need.

I also wonder if I should clean up my account before posting anything new. Honestly there is a lot of crap on there that I don’t really need to post online anymore. You know stuff like pictures of my dinner, my furniture, internet memes and other general crap that otherwise has no bearing on anyone outside of my family and friends. I mean the fact that I ate a cheeseburger in 2009 isn’t really that important to anyone at all!

A lot of the shots were also taken with a simple point and click camera, not much worthy of an artistic nature. Still I would keep some of it because it at least documents some of the places I’ve been and things I have seen in life. It is also part of my journey into taking more serious photos.

Decisions, decisions…


One thought on “To Flickr or not to Flickr…

  1. I’ve been on flickr for years, but have not visited there much in the past year or so. I went there today and saw that it has changed so much –not as attractive and friendly as it once was. Used to be I could type a description under a photo, but now there doesn’t seem to be anywhre to type. Imiss the old flickr.

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