Blogging when it’s sunny and 80 degrees? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I haven’t been posting lately because the weather has been absolutely incredible! So needless to say I have been enjoying it while I can. At any time it could get cold around here again and it looks like by this time next week we will have highs in the 50’s again, but I will be on a beach in Mexico by then! So this past week has been like a preview of my upcoming vacation except that I can actually drink the water!

It’s also the NHL playoffs so I’ve been spending my evenings watching the games on TV. I’m not a fair weather or a band wagon hockey fan either. I follow my team (The Montreal Canadiens) throughout the year and catch parts of other matches from time to time. When it’s NHL playoff time I watch most of the other teams play. I will even stay up late and watch the end of the games of the teams playing on the west. The Stanley Cup playoff tournament is the most grueling tournament in all of sports, bar none! Playoff hockey, there is nothing quite like it!

Tomorrow I’m playing golf in the 80 degree sunshine! First round of the year and I haven’t played since September so I’m not sure I will even keep score. I’m going out early enough in the day that there should not be many people on the course at all so it will give me a chance to practice a bit a well. I need work on my short game mostly because that is what saves my rounds most of the time anyway. My long game is erratic even when I practice a lot. The key is to know my miss and then play it. I have improved in that aspect of the game and consequently my scores have been lower. Tomorrow is all about finding the swing again so that I can lose it somewhere on a beach in Mexico!

Anyhow back to the sunshine…


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