Cooking is my therapy!

The smell of fresh cut herbs, the feeling of a knife cutting through vegetables and the sound of meat hitting a hot pan, these things are very pleasing to me. Even shopping for fresh food at the farmers market and the butcher is something that really enjoy doing. I have walked both ways uphill in a blizzard just to fill my fridge and pantry, its true and I actually didn’t mind doing it at all!

You can’t tell me the smell of fresh cut herbs or the smell of oil, garlic and onions in a pan doesn’t make your mouth water. The sense of smell and taste are very powerful. Just one smell can bring back a memory of a great restaurant or a simple flavor can remind you of your childhood. Or how about cooking steaks on the grill, I’m sure we all have a memory of this.

For me though it goes beyond the smell and flavor. I enjoy the feeling of cutting meat and vegetables, the weight of the knife in my hand and the sound it makes when I chop food on my wooden cutting board. Seeing potatoes in a skillet turn a perfect golden brown even brings me joy!

To me food is a complete sensory experience through the whole process of preparing it until eating it. It’s a chance to lose yourself and get away from the world for just a little while. And on that note, I’m off to prepare another wonderful dinner!


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