Life and the accumulation of stuff.

I have often wondered in life how it is we can accumulate so much stuff. Things like clothes, electronics, gadgets, various trinkets that we have collected through our travels through the years. Now some of these things hold obvious sentimental value, but some of the stuff that we have just laying around in boxes in a closet somewhere is just completely useless.

Why do we collect some of this stuff and why do we hold on to it forever? Some people always have to be in touch with the latest in fashion and therefore own a lot of clothing. Others need to have the latest and greatest cell phone. Do we really need all of this stuff?

I used to collect a lot of stuff myself. Every 6-8 months I would have a new cell phone. I remember taking a picture of my closet roughly 8 or 9 years ago. I must have had 20 pairs of shoes, shirts and ties for every occasion, jeans, sweaters and t-shirts galore. Probably enough to really only have to do laundry every 3 weeks if I wanted. I also had boxes of the trinkets I had been collecting throughout my life. Literally enough stuff to fill up an entire room floor to ceiling if I wanted.

Somewhere in there I pretty much purged nearly everything that I owned. Now granted I’ve got some new stuff these days, but the way I view it has changed. I own 2 pairs of jeans, I can count on one hand the amount of sweaters I own, a few nice polo shirts and 4 pairs of shoes of which two are nearly worn out! The only stuff that I have in excess is watches (hey I like watches) and one of them I literally wore until the hands of it fell off! Many of them are fro my previous accumulation of stuff and most of them have dead batteries!

What I am doing these days is buying stuff of quality and using it until it wears out. My cell phone, the latest and greatest at the time, is 3 years old. My clothing, all items of quality, is worn until it is literally falling apart. Luckily that sort of thing is in style so I can get away with stretching my wardrobe to its limit!

What this has allowed me to do is to simplify and streamline certain decisions in life. I don’t have to worry about what to wear nearly as often as the average person. I also don’t have to worry if any of my stuff gets lost or stolen. The trinkets I have collected throughout life fit into 2 boxes. For me less stuff equals less stress and that gives me more time for what is important. Living!


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