One thing leads to another and the next thing you know…

A movie led me to search for a song, which lead me to search for the artist and then a search for the actual recording. I found multiple versions so identifying the right one took a little bit of time. Going through an listening to each one was quite the experience. Even after I found the version I was looking for I kept on digging. I found videos of live performances of this song from the last 40+ years by the very same artist.

Each and every one of those performances was unique, just as each and every recording of it was also unique in it’s own way. What stood out to me especially in the videos was the actual performance itself. The intensity, the emotion and the communication with the audience was phenomenal. I have never seen anything come across on video like this. I could only imagine what it would be like to experience any of them in person.

Music speaks to us all in different ways. We all experience it in our own way, but this performance is one that can speak to everyone. Please take some time and check it out.

The artist: Richie Havens
The song: Freedom


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