The 5 D’s.

Following them is hard. Following them everyday is even harder. If there is something that you want badly enough in life, these 5 things will help you get there.


This is where it all begins. If you don’t have the desire to be great at certain things then you are wasting your time chasing your dreams. Real genuine desire is hard to find. Search deep inside yourself, find what you want and focus on your goal. Whether it is to become a great performer, a great athlete, or a great worker find that desire and hold on to it. Without the desire for something, you will never be able to move on to these other four things I am going to write about.


So you have goals, dreams, and aspirations that you truly believe in. What is the next step? How determined are you to meet your goal? How committed are you to your dreams? You determination is essentially your commitment level toward achieving your desires. It can come in many forms. You have to be determined to get what you want at all costs. This is completely selling out to your goals. Once you are prepared to take all the steps necessary to achieve them you can go on to do great things.


“Faith without works is dead.” I heard this quote years ago and it has stuck with me for quite some time. Desire and determination is the faith in yourself. Dedication is the actual work. You can have all the desire and dedication you want, however unless you are willing to stay dedicated towards your goals then you are setting yourself up for failure. The reason why we often don’t achieve great things is because we don’t really dedicate ourselves to doing whatever is possible to achieve them. Dedication is where the real hard work begins. It only gets harder from here, but as far as I know nothing in life is simple.


Devotion is the hardest part to comprehend. When times get tough and the road towards achieve great things becomes bumpy and challenging it is devotion that will get you through those times. You have to put 100% of your yourself into everything that it is you are trying to accomplish. Your dedication towards achieving you goals will be directly affected by your devotion. If you are not devoted to each and every one of your beliefs then everything else can slip away. The road to greatness is very difficult and few ever get there. Some of us get glimpses as at, few of us have experienced it for a moment and even fewer people ever truly get there. Stay the course, stay devoted to your goals and you can accomplish great things.


Discipline is the key to unlocking each of the other four. Discipline is also the hardest to achieve. Discipline is a matter of staying focused and doing whatever it takes. There are no shortcuts. The road is often meticulous and demanding. On the road to accomplishing our goals we will at times lose sight of these other qualities at one time or another. If you stay disciplined enough you will not stray to far from them for too long. Master discipline and nothing can stop you on your road to achieving all of the things you truly want.

Work hard at these and you can accomplish unbelievable things. Think of them everyday in everything that you do and you will find yourself more focused then ever before. Stay honest and true to yourself with all of these thoughts in mind. No goal is too high provided you are willing to pay whatever price is necessary. And if you should fall short of your goals, never stop reaching for them. Falling short of what we truly want is what builds character in each of us and makes us who we are. Strive for excellence in everything that you do and excellence will follow you everywhere you go.


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