The artist versus the analyst, the internal battle continues.

It can be difficult at times to balance being a thinker and a doer. I am actually quite good at the latter, then again I have pretty much practiced my entire life for that. In fact, we all have. Life teaches us to be doers. It teaches us to set a clock to wake up, to go school or work between these hours, to be at practice or rehearsal at another hour, dinner and bed at other hours. Rest. Repeat. Weekend. Repeat. Mix is a couple of holidays and maybe a vacation or birthday and it’s the calendar and the clock that controls everyday life. Sure there is some fluidity in there, but realize that we are all indeed creatures of habit and it is very easy to fall into a routine. Some people need that routine, in fact they rely on it to get through everyday life. If your routine generally leaves you happy then your life is probably pretty good, and there is nothing wrong with that!

The creative process however knows no routine. You can’t really schedule creative time because it is going to happen when it happens. You can’t open up your calendar and say OK every day from 10:00 – 11:30 I am going to focus on being creative. It doesn’t work like that, sure would be nice if it was that easy but it simply isn’t. For me sometimes I will read an article ate at night that will give me an idea. If the creative juices are going to flow I have to run with it now, not during my block of creative time in the morning! Sometimes I put things off and on again because I come to a block and I can get my thoughts organized. Hey it happens to all of us in fact I have started and stopped this blog entry four times already, but I’m on a roll now!

Somehow I have managed to find a balance in spite of myself. Every instinct of my being tells me to wake up, eat, sleep, exercise and do everything else according to a schedule. As late as last night I almost literally pulled out a notebook and was going to attempt to schedule everything including time to think about prospective projects that I have coming up, creative time if you will. I grabbed the notebook with literally that idea in mind when it hit me. Why am I going to waste my time creating a schedule about creating when I could be busy creating something even more important? So I flipped to the front of the notebook where I already had some ideas about a project written down, reread my notes and then came up with some ideas for it moving forward. Somehow I have managed to save myself from, myself!


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