A strange day of reflection.

I used to be a long distance runner and always dreamed of running a marathon some day. This afternoon around 2:30 I got the urge to go out for a run today, something I haven’t done since last summer. What’s weird is that given the path I was on with my running years ago and had I stayed the course instead of trying new things in life I could have very well been in Boston today for this tragic event. Now I was at a level where I would have finished 1+ hours before the really bad events actually took place, but I’m also the kind of person who would have stayed around for a while to really soak up the moment and also to support other runners trying to finish.

I wasn’t tuned in watching any coverage of the marathon nor was I really even aware that the event was taking place. Running is something I was doing half of my lifetime ago and I have moved on to other things. Still I find it odd that I would have the urge today at around the time everything happened. Maybe something was calling to me, or maybe it was the sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures luring me out of the house.

I don’t believe in fate, but I do believe in the balance in all things in the universe. Maybe running needed me at that moment, maybe it was trying to distract me from that moment which I haven’t taken my eyes off or mind away from since I first heard the story break. It’s a strange coincidence indeed.


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