A product of every decision I have ever made.

Have you ever wondered how exactly you became who you are today, or ended up where you are at this exact moment? It is something that I think about often. There have been some large life changing decisions and situations that have factored into the person I have become today. Equally important though are some of the small innocuous decisions that I have made on a daily basis that may have also altered my life in some way.

Certainly the largest decisions play a much larger role such as which college I chose to attend or the places where I decide to move in my life. The friends I keep and my choice of career and colleagues like large factors as well. But looking back there are small things along the way that may or may not have shaped how any of these things even came together.

Small things like the tie you should have worn to the interview for your dream job but did not. Maybe it would have given you more confidence and helped you get the job. Or maybe it was that tuna and onion sandwich you ate for lunch that kept you from saying hello to the nice girl at the bank because you didn’t want to blow her away, literally! Who knows, you might have really hit things off!

The choice to stop at a yellow light in the morning when you are late for work and witness a terrible accident right in front of your eyes in the exact place where you would have been. Think of the people you could have met if you would have only been able to arrive at the gig 15 minutes earlier instead of wasting time at home playing games on the internet.

I guess what I am trying to say here is to be mindful of every decision you make no matter how great or small because you never know what kind of bearing it has on your future. Two of the scenarios above have actually happened to me and my life would have been drastically altered in both situations. Thankfully I am in a very good place today as a result of the decisions I have made. The good choices and even the questionable choices have made up the person who I have become. It’s a good thing that I stopped for that yellow light.


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