It’s been so long I almost forgot how!

Rail Yard
I finally took the time to get out my Nikon D3100 and get reacquainted with it. In a way I guess it’s just like riding a bicycle except that I have only ridden a bicycle a few times in my life, so I am actually better at this! It’s going to be a process getting to know my camera again, but I’m glad that I took these steps today.

The photo above is exactly what I had in my minds eye when I left here today. I already knew the exact spot because I had been there many times before. The composition took me a few tries to get right. Through the magic of processing and editing I was able to create the picture I saw in my head quite easily.

I got a few other good shots that I didn’t originally set out to get today as well. All told I would say it was a pretty good first day back!


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