Motivational Speaking

Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to be in positions on leadership for various things. I have been a team captain , a section leader, a team leader, a coach and an instructor at different activities. I tried to lead each of those groups not only with my actions, but also with my words.

Being a vocal leader requires a balancing act that can sometimes be difficult. I have found that if you talk too much eventually people will just drown out the sound of your voice. So if you really want your message heard there is a timing to it all. It is also very important to be consistent with your message or the people you are leading will eventually stop buying into it.

Other factors are also at work such as the delivery of what you are saying and the magnitude of the moment. Higher pressure situations combined with a great delivery can really inspire your people to commit to a higher level, especially if they are 100% in to what you are selling!

Now how does this factor into things moving forward? Sure I can always use my past experiences to refine my method, build my teams and continue to get solid results. Is there something more? Could I use my ability to become a motivational speaker, to write a book or become a modern day philosopher? Or do I actually have to accomplish something of significant meaning to the rest of the world first before I could hope to become any of those things?


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