The exception to the rule.

Throughout my life I have always marched to the beat of a different drummer. I’ve always done things my way, following a different set of rules and instincts than what most people would consider the norm. Looking back at it all now I’m trying to remember how I was able to come out of most of these situations successfully. Most of my greatest accomplishments have come through sheer will and dogged determination. Some have come as a result of hard work and a willingness to push myself through what others would not. Others have been because of my ability to act and react. And a few have been a result of learning or from memory.

When I add it all up I can only come to one real conclusion and that is when I am at my absolute best I am actually living up to all of my potential. I don’t make excuses and I would certainly never accept no for an answer. Am I completely stubborn or am I just lucky?

Again looking back at my past, I never worked hard to get good grades, even in honors classes. I never had to practice obsessively in order to be successful at music. I have a natural gift of athleticism so I am able to compete well in sports as long as I learn the skills. I’m able to get along with all cliques of people. I have always made friends easily. Learning new job skills is a breeze too. The list goes on.

The real question now, where is that guy when I need him today? There are flashes from time to time. The run of things that just kept going right lasted for so many years. Did I become complacent? Maybe I lost my edge somehow. Or maybe I need another goal to work towards. Imagine living every day to your full potential. It’s a place I haven’t been to for many years and a place I would really like to get back to again.


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