Living in the moment.

I read something in a book a while ago that has stuck with me for quite some time now. “If you are not 100% here and now, you are not 100% alive.” With so many distractions out there it is easy to not focus all of yourself into the moment. This is especially true when we are doing the most mundane tasks in our everyday routine. The mind wanders towards other moments as we physically go through the motions of the simple things in life. The background noise of the television or the music we jam into our ears though headphones is a distraction to the rest of the world that is all around us.

When is the last time you took a walk outside and really felt the ground under your feet, heard the wind rustling in the trees or felt the wind on your face? When is the last time you noticed the smell of a rainstorm or the taste of fresh fruit for more than a bite? Instead of focusing on what is going to happen today at work or how bad the traffic is going to be for the drive to the office take the time to use your five senses in the present moment. See if you can hear the clock in the kitchen ticking away. How about the sound toast makes when you spread butter on it? Do you even remember what milk smells like? Can you feel the grout lines of the bathroom tiles under your feet?

It’s the simple things in life that make things seem less complicated. Do you really need the television in the background when you are shaving or doing your hair in the morning? I personally prefer the smell of my toothpaste to the sound of any news radio program that is on the air. Also when you are walking from point A to point B do so wit your head up. Take a look around and observe and take in the moment. Not all of life’s moments are exciting or significant in any way at all, but that is really the simplicity of the whole thing.

Make time to prepare for the important stuff, but don’t forget to take time to enjoy the little things.


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