Say I’ll give 110% one more time…

110%Talk about a promise that no one can keep! I have always hated this cliche in the world of sports and even more so when people try to use it in everyday life. It gets even worse when a person promises to give you 150% or 200% the next time. Sorry buddy unless you have a clone there is no way you are going to be able to give me 200%!

I’ve got a bit of news for people that think they can give it more than their all. You have likely been giving 75-80% thinking all along that this was a comfortable 100%. What you feel is 110% probably still isn’t everything you’ve got. Trust me there is more in there if you are willing to push yourself. Bringing 100% to the table is not comfortable, nor should it be.

So next time instead of making promises that you can’t keep simply say, next time I will do better. And once you know exactly where 100% of something is you can promise to give that and nothing more.


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