About that career in the food industry…

Now here is another thing that I have gone back and forth on a few times in my head. Mainly because it is something that I enjoy doing here at home. I like to cook, I do it every day. Most days the food I make turns out pretty good. I’m able to do all of it from my head as well. The few times I have actually had to use a recipe I am able to memorize it right away and not have to come back to it again. For the most part I come up with my own stuff in the kitchen with a little inspiration from the food network thrown in from time to time!

The food network sure does a great job at making cooking look like such a glamorous career. Reality TV shows take it even further. I guess it gives regular people like me a false sense of hope that we can succeed in that business. Now I’m not saying that I can’t succeed at making a career in food a reality because I know I have enough drive and determination to succeed and anything I put my mind to. The skills I could pick up with practice just like you would pick up a sport or any other work related skill. What I do know about this industry is that you have to really pay your dues in order to make it to the top.

I’m talking about selling out everything else I am and putting 100% into food and food alone. At my age is it something I would be willing to do. No more golf, no more playing hockey or making music. Get rid of the x-box, forget the gym and forget about taking photographs. So much sacrifice, yet a necessary sacrifice if you are going to go far and be successful. Eventually one day I would get a few of those things back, but in the short-mid term you have to give in completely. That is why this career path is such a difficult decision.


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