That’s right, I own a product from an infomercial!

A NutriBullet to be more precise. As I type this entry I am drinking a spinach, avocado, and banana smoothie with a scoop of protein powder and some ground flax seeds that I made with yerba mate tea! Sounds fancy doesn’t it? Actually it’s pretty tasty and one of my favorite combinations to date, but you won’t find it in their fancy recipe book!

I know they like to call their drinks “NutriBlasts” but it will always be a smoothie to me no matter what kind of slick marketing terms you make up to move product! Speaking of marketing how about that hour long infomercial they are running on TV anyway. They advertise this machine as if it is some sort of new magical and revolutionary heath product. There are all sorts of testimonials about how this machine changes people lives. Honestly again that is all a bunch of marketing babble to sell you what is actually a good machine. I could have saved them time and money on their infomercial. All they had to say was smoothies taste great and they are also good for you!

As for it being some kind of miracle heath food product, it is not. All of us would certainly benefit by eating more fresh fruits and veggies instead of all that processed crap you find out there these days. The other benefit is that it basically liquifies everything you put in there which in turn takes stress of your digestive system and allows the other systems in your body to function better. That is simple science and not some kind of miracle breakthrough in the health and wellness industry!

You still have to eat right, you still have to be active, and also you need to get the right amount of rest each night. There are many other different factors that also come into play. I would recommend this machine to help you get there though. It really is a good tool to have in your kitchen!


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