When did I become a referee?

Just a few short weeks ago actually. It’s all part of my gung-ho I’ll try anything attitude. I’m now training to be a hockey referee. I only started to play the game a few years ago, but I understand how the game works and I know the rules pretty well, so a few weeks ago the opportunity presented itself and I figured why the hell not! It’s pretty good work if you can get it and actually puts some pretty good coin in the pocket for a second job/hobby.

In the grand scheme of life I guess that I can add another kind of experience to the things I’ve done. This one is an interesting road to travel and something I think I can get the hang of pretty fast. I don’t know how it really relates to the big picture or if it relates to the big picture at all, but I guess getting paid to do what you like to do no matter how small an amount is always worth it in the end!


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