Sometimes the best laid plans go awry.

Despite the lack of sleep last night I got out of bed this morning feeling pretty good. I had my breakfast and my morning coffee and I started to get to work planning my day out. There was a errand to take care of around lunch time and the rest of the day I had actually planned to get in a workout and wander around the neighborhood and snap a few photos.

I decided after eating to write my previous blog entry while my food digested a bit when it hit me. Lets just say it wasn’t exactly the most pleasant afternoon and evening that I have had in quite a while. Lucky for me, if you can call being sick lucky, it was just a sour stomach and with a little medicine and half a bottle of pedialyte I am now mostly back to normal. I did manage to eat some plain bread, plain rice, and some plain pretzels tonight, so needless to say I’m completely starving at midnight!

I guess it’s back to the drawing board for tomorrow as far as making any progress is concerned. I hate it when a plan doesn’t come together…


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