Once upon a time I had a vision.

A vision to have my own production company. SPC Productions is what I was calling it and it was going be videos and pictures for all sorts of things, mainly for web and multimedia based applications. Lets say your company had a website and you needed promotional material, this is the kind of services I was looking to offer. Material that was best suited to be viewed on the web or on mobile devices. This was at a time when Youtube was really starting to take off and a host of other companies came along and started doing the same thing. I could see the future and the viability of providing a service like this back then. I wish I would have had the means to strike while the iron was hot.

What spawned all this interest in producing material in the first place? Well honestly it all started as a vlog. This basically amounted to a video diary of my life, but with plenty of personality thrown in. Some of the early stuff was a bit disjointed and it took some time to get used to the camera and also to think about what I was going to say instead of ad-libbing my way through a 6 or 7 minute video. In time I got very comfortable behind the camera and things came a lot more naturally. Eventually I added short music videos to these vlogs and that spawned another incarnation of full music videos that were completely separate from the vlog entries. These music videos were more successful than any vlog entry I could have ever posted and in time I started making them regularly.

I was posting this material long before Youtube and other sites began to offer monetization partnerships. The videos are still out there, new one’s have even been added, but I still haven’t opted for monetization because in reality I am using the work of someone else to create something completely different. The music I am using is copyrighted and if I made $100 and got caught the record company is going to sure me for $100K. That’s the part of the business that sucks, but the laws are there to protect their intellectual property and I have to respect them.

So why didn’t SPC Productions amount to anything? Well first off it was just a dream, an idea really that could have some viability in the future. Most importantly I seriously lacked the start up capital to get anything like this off the ground. There is also the matter of building a database of contacts not to mention lining up clients. Any sort of endeavor into a production business is a matter of who you know more than what you know. Even if I did have the funds to start a business like this it would have flopped in a few months without the right people and a client base to drive it forward.

Where do we go from here? A production company is still a viable business if you want to to shoot pictures and video for social occasions and sell a nice product of memories for people to hold on to. Still I think there is so much more that can be done given the right tools and the right people. That is what this whole vision was about in the first place!


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