I’ll just sit here and wait for a moment of brilliance to fall out of the sky…

Although if I do that I might be here for quite a while! Laziness and procrastination have been getting the best of me for the last week or so. Damn the internet!

Actually this was one of the reasons behind getting back into blogging again. It keeps my mind moving forward and gets some of the ideas that I had in my head out of there. For me being able to read my own words often helps me to find clarity and direction. In my life experience if I wanted to make sure that I remember something I would always write it down. Somehow this physical connection to the actual words implants the thoughts permanently into my mind.

The inaction or my part still needs to stop though, there is no denying that. Plus how many times do I really need to win the Stanley Cup on my XBox 360? Enough is enough! Tomorrow I will do something besides stalk my friends on Facebook and read ESPN!


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