Sometimes we have to look back in order to move forward.

I’ve spent parts of the last few days looking back at areas in my life where I have experienced some form of success and have come upon a few reoccurring themes. I like to do this from time to time not only to remind myself of how I got here, but also to reinforce my confidence before moving forward. If indeed history is going to repeat itself, it is always good to know what is going to work!

Leaving no option to fail is often a dangerous plan yet somehow I have managed to make it work more often than not. Without “Plan B” I find that there are fewer distractions. I come up with a plan and dedicate all of my energy towards achieving my goal. “Plan A” is always open for modifications and adjustments, however if things do happen to change I don’t ever settle for “Plan B.” In that case I will make a new “Plan A.” This is life without a safety net, most people would never attempt to live this way. It goes against what most people would consider conventional thinking. At the same time when you do reach the goal I have to say it feels pretty amazing!

I never become good at anything overnight, I had to pay the price in order to become successful at anything. It took hours of practice for many years to become really good. Also I failed many times before succeeding. I’ve been through the ringer quite a few times at different activities and looking back I can remember the hours of dedication that it took to get where I wanted to be. Not only the hours I dedicated physically to my craft, but the hours I also dedicated mentally towards improving it as well.

People will always remember me as the guy that went the extra mile. I’ve always dedicated a bit more of myself than what most people would deem necessary towards getting where I wanted to be. When I really go after something I am focused almost to the point of obsession. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Somehow this is ingrained in my DNA. As weird as it sounds this may be the biggest key of all towards things moving forward.


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