So, all this talk and no action…

I know, I know, I’m working on it! I’m having a hard time choosing which path I want to take. There are quite a few things I am interested in becoming and I just wish there was some way to morph them all into one! Why don’t I just lay a few of them out here.

My most recent endeavor was being a contractor/handyman. There were times when I really enjoyed what I was doing and other times where I completely hated it. Being a creative person it was great to have this hands on job where I got to build nice things for people. For the most part the job was rewarding, but it has taken it’s toll on me both physically and mentally. That was more likely due to my work environment rather than the actual work itself. For the most part I did very solid work and after a few years I became really good at what I was doing. I gained a great deal of knowledge and skills in 6 years, but ultimately this profession has worn me down. This isn’t something I can continue to do for the rest of my life and maintain my health and sanity. Sure it pays well and you can make a lot of money, but money does not buy you happiness.

I have an eye for photography and film making as well. I have always been interested in it and have tinkered with it as a hobby mostly. I took a few projects seriously with varying degrees of success, but because of my aforementioned contracting career I placed everything on hold for what I thought would be a temporary basis. When I had free time to take photos or make videos I was way too exhausted to give it my 100% and for me if I’m not able to give my 100% I simply walk away. I also walked away from music because of this. Imagine that, walking away from all of the things that have shaped who you are. Now with all that said I still have a great interest in doing these types of things. Trouble is, I’m severely out of practice. I did manage to get some videos out early this year to help some friends of mine in music with some promotion/hype. I picked up the camera a few times and snapped some photos as well. This is a learning process all over again, one that with practice I can master. I still have the eye and the imagination, however I need to step it up in the motivation department.

I have always wanted to own my own business as well. I came up with an idea a few years ago about a cafe with live music. Yeah it’s not exactly a ground breaking fresh idea at all is it? I had some very different ideas for this one. I won’t go into it in detail, but it would have a niche in this town. I had another idea for a different place in town specializing in different types of wings. There is nothing like it up here at all. There are a few pretenders in town trying to copy some basic recipes, but they are going about it the wrong way. Frozen ingredients, bottled/canned sauces, no wonder they can’t move any product. You can buy better chicken wings in the frozen section of the grocery store!

I am also interested in training and coaching. I would have to take a class to get certification, but it’s an avenue that I haven’t explored that much. To me it’s something that falls in line with my past and also with my present. And lets not forget life coach. I know it sounds totally like a B.S. kind of profession, but these days it is something completely viable. All it really seems to amount to is giving a person advice on how to live a more healthy and more fulfilling life, still there has to be more to it. It’s worth looking into only because it has peaked my interest.

Try morphing all of that into one! Help me out Elvis!


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